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Park wifi update – as campers at the park are well aware, we have been having a lot of trouble this season keeping a decent wifi signal throughout the park for internet access.  Our tech expert is a volunteer who works in the business and has spent many hours at the park keeping the existing system up and running and we owe him many thanks for the work he has done.  Recently the Town Board approved a new plan with our internet provider which increased the access speed greatly and at the meeting of 15 June, the Board approved a plan by the Plexicomm Company of Binghamton to design and install a new system to supply high-speed wifi access reliably throughout the park.

According to Plexicomm’s proposal:

(We propose to use) a different approach where separate point to point radios connect each site together using one radio
band, and WiFi access is provided using a separate non‐interfering radio band. We’ve also identified an end to end path
with direct line of sight, and with directional antennas and point to point radios we’ll expect 300‐400Mbps of
throughput along this path.

Installation of the new system should take place near the end of June and we’re all looking forward to it.  We appreciate your patience as we’ve worked to solve this issue.


Caretaker-hosts for 2020 Season

We are very pleased to welcome our new caretaker-hosts, Penny and Jerry Grocholski, for the 2020 park season.  Please click on Penny and Jerry Grocholski  to find out a little bit about them.