Upcoming Events

We hope to hold three more official park events during the 2018 season.  We are tentatively planning a car cruise-in featuring classic cars and later a trunk-sale where participants offer yard-sale type goods from the trunks of their cars.  Watch here for details.  Lastly, we’ll hold our annual Labor Day Bonfire in September.


Spring Fest, 2018

The Copes Corners Park Committee and the Town of Butternuts are proud to say that the fourth annual Spring Fest held in early May was a real success for the community.  The good weather brought out a steady stream of people and attendance was higher than ever for the all-day event.  Please see below for a few photos.

From left to right top row:  Trout Unlimited sponsored a Fishing Derby along the Butternut; the Boat Float event brought out more participants than ever to build and race their toy boats; the new tractor & hay wagon addition to the park playground;

Fishing derby SF 2018       Boat Building SF 2018       Playground tractor SF 2018

From left to right bottom row:  Gilbertsville Fire Department members competing in the firefighting competition; first place Gilbertsville Fire Department and second place Morris Fire Department team members; the full campground the weekend of Spring Fest 2018.

Firefighting competition SF 2018       Firefighting competition teams SF 2018       Full campground SF 2018