The Copes Corners Park Committee

The Copes Corners Park Committee (CCPC) was formed by the Butternuts Town Board in January of 2015.  The committee now consists of:  Scot Lueck (chairperson); Bruce Giuda; Lynne Ohl; Scott Wilson; Michele Farwell; and Jason Dunham.  The third Tuesday evening of each month at 7:00 at the Town Municipal Building is the once-a-month meeting night for the CCPC and the public is welcome.  On pleasant summer evenings we may meet down at the park but we’ll always try to leave a sign at the Municipal Building if that is the case.  Meeting minutes may be found on the Town of Butternuts website at

Our mission statement:  The Copes Corners Park Committee is intended to advise the Butternuts Town Board on what it considers to be the best way to manage the park for the benefit of all the residents of the Town of Butternuts.